CCT: The HOT Approach

The HOT Approach

{SI Workshop}

The HOT Approach is an innovative delivery system that provides teachers, teaching artists, administrators, parents, and arts organization educators vital professional development, resources, tools and strategies to develop, deepen and expand effective practices in arts education, arts integration, school culture change and leadership development.

The HOT Approach, reflected in a school’s commitment to child centered, experiential, arts integrated teaching and learning weaves best practices in arts in education with present-day needs and experiences of urban, suburban, and rural school communities. The HOT Approach is comprehensive. It considers the whole child, teacher, artist, administrator, and school community. Professional development supports teacher growth and parental involvement, and leads to personal renewal. The strong presence of teaching artists and parents is a distinctive feature of the HOT Approach.

{Kids with frames} Program staff work closely with each school to design a professional development plan to implement the HOT Approach. It is designed to be flexible for adaptation and uniquely suited to help individual school communities address their specific needs and build community. It can be adopted by arts organizations, individual artists, and state and local arts agencies wishing to strengthen their school/arts partnerships and arts in education initiatives.


In an arts infused environment, the processes of creating, performing and responding lead to increased achievement, increased attendance by students and staff, lower rates of retention, higher self-esteem, decreased discipline problems, greater parent participation and a growing sense of community.