CCT: Teacher Artist Collaborations

HOT Schools

Teacher Artist Collaborations

Teacher-Artist Collaborations (TACs) are a critical component of the HOT Schools Program.  TACs provide rich opportunities for children to make connections between and among subject disciplines and ideas.  They offer new ways to teach the curriculum and provide classroom teachers with arts infused strategies for delivering core content. 

TACs are 12 day, in-depth, arts integrated residencies planned (off-site) collaboratively by teaching artists and classroom teachers. TACs have a clear, curricular focus incorporating Common Core state standards in the disciplines taught. Each TAC plan identifies student goals and objectives including the arts processes of creating, performing and responding. TACs also identify professional growth goals and objectives for teacher and artist.  TACs are developed to increase student understanding in and achievement through the arts.  They are also designed to provide teachers with a tool kit to strengthen their ability to integrate the arts in unit design and lesson planning.

HOT School TACs are characterized by the depth and breadth of training provided for teacher-artist teams. This includes a comprehensive professional development protocol that informs team members about each otherís work and goals, as well as how to integrate core content areas including the arts.  The collaborative process requires a strong commitment, as well as clear and consistent communication on the part of educators.

To ensure quality experiences for students, TACs work with a maximum of three teachers and their classrooms.  Artists and teachers gather twice a year for full-day TAC planning.  During TAC planning, artists and teachers jointly design arts-integrated experiences aligned with Common Core state and district standards.  Planners set personal and student goals and determine multiple assessment measures including performance based assessment.  The collaboration identifies ways that students can demonstrate their understanding of both the arts and other core content objectives.

In HOT Schools, artists are teaching partners. The passion, commitment, and skills that artists bring to the classroom open doors to creative and critical thinking for students and teachers.