CCT: 2002-2003 Public Art Installations

Art In Public Spaces

2002-2003 Public Art Installations

{Bell Garden} {Bell Garden}
Bell Garden
bronze, steel, prismatic glass, stone aggregate
(outside the entrance to the Support Building)
{Vessel} {Vessel}
wood, steel, light tubes
{Bilateral Symphony}
Bilateral Symphony
painted steel
(outside the Agricultural Research building)
{For Evelyn Smith}
For Evelyn Smith
architectural glass
Stamford Courthouse, Stamford
(east and west walls of main lobby)
{Transformations} {Transformations (detail)}
Robin Holder
handblown stained glass
{Unity Windows} {Unity Windows (detail)}
Unity Windows
handblown, flashed stained glass
(chapel/common room)
{Illuminata} {Illuminata}
aluminum, stainless steel
(Ruth Haas Library atrium)