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Tim Prentice
{Windframe} Windframe
stainless steel
Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic
façade of the Science building

The artwork mounted on the eastern elevation of the Administration wing of the Science Building at ECSU in Willimantic is a kinetic surface measuring 4 feet wide and 32 feet tall. 

 Windframe is a grid of 576 small stainless steel plates measuring 3 ¼” x 7 ¼”. They are attached to a supporting stainless steel frame in a way, which allows them to swing individually according to the whim of the wind.  The plates reflect the colors in the immediate vicinity in an endless variety of abstract patterns.  The effect is similar to the rippling light reflections off the surface of a pond.   The intent of the artist is that the piece will respond to and express the natural forces in the environment.

Red Zinger (image pending)
kinetic sculpture
commissioned for Bradley International Airport, Terminal A, Windsor Locks
storage for restoration and relocation