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{College Faces}
College Faces
(interior pedestrian bridge over George Street)


Electroland created a signature artwork in the glass atrium bridge for the new Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut.  The artwork hangs in the window of the all glass atrium bridge connecting the two buildings of the college. A flat mesh of 47,000 LED light nodes are evenly diffused behind a layer of translucent plastic. The faces of students, teachers and administrators appear as a slow-motion movie on a large 42 x 48 screen, one every 30 seconds.


A website app located at may be accessed via a smartphone or tablet, allowing the user to survey all the faces and choose the next face to appear on the artwork. The artwork is viewable from both inside the atrium as well as outside on the street. The contemporary artwork serves a statement that Gateway Community College is a significant and forward-looking educational institution, and the diversity of faces underscores its broad ranging and important mission to educate the greater community. It is viewable every day from 7 AM until 10 PM.

The artists Electroland are based in Los Angeles, California and have an international reputation for large-scale interactive light and sound sculptures and environments. Their work may be seen at