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Robert Perless
Connecticut Artist
{Dream Weaver - exterior}
Dream Weaver

holographic coated aluminum
Cheney Technical High School, Manchester
outside and inside front entrance
{Dream Weaver - interior detail}
The sculpture consists of aluminum ribbons that are clad with holographic material and are situated above the viewers head at the front entrance of the renovated school. The ribbons intertwine around the columns of the canopy structure and appear to float within the space. They are fixed in place, yet they give the appearance of being light and flexible. The holographic material interacts with the light in the space and forms rainbows radiating across the space. Students, staff and visitors will encounter and experience this work as they pass through the schools front entrance,
Dream Weaver
is formed as part of the Robertís interpretation of the visual imagery of the process of weaving integrated into the structural elements of the buildingís architecture. The piece is a dance of light and space that is synergistic with the visual movement of the canopy through the walls of the building. According to Robert, his work in general is really about what you donít see; the energy latent in the world itself. This power constantly surrounds us, yet we walk right past it in our daily lives.
Robert lives and works in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has installed several site-specific public art commissions around the country at such locations at the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, UT; Bucknell University in Lewisburgh, PA; City of Corpus Christi, TX and the City of Palm Desert, CA among others. In addition to public artworks, he also has received several corporate art commissions around the country which include Avon Corporation in NYC; Dart Industries in Los Angeles, CA; Eastern Airlines in Boston and Mobil Oil in Fairfax, Virginia to name a few. Robertís work is in several collections including the Whitney Museum of American Art; the Stamford Museum; the Phoenix Art Museum in AZ and the Oklahoma Art Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Mobius Solaris (image pending)
University of Connecticut, Storrs
exterior kinetic sculpture
Castleman Building quadrangle