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Joy Wulke
Connecticut Artist
{Safe Travels into the Light}
Safe Travels into the Light
stainless steel, 3Form dichroic ecoresin

Visitors to the Superior Court of Juvenile Matters will be met with a work of art depicting familiar natural phenomenon of the Long Island Sound and sun/moon sky.  The illuminated Bridgeport lighthouse sculpture is inspired by the Seaside Park Lighthouse and symbolizes a beacon of hope for the youth and their families who will be moving through the building.

Safe Travels Into the Light includes recognizable forms that reference Bridgeport’s location on Long Island Sound with the illuminated lighthouse at the end of the waterway as a beacon for all.  Fish figures are suspended among the sparkling water units of stainless steel and dichroic Ecoresin.    As your eye moves from the illuminated lighthouse onto the second floor, suspended birds take flight.  The birds fly towards forms referencing the sky, sun/moon orbs, wistful clouds, moving air currents, and suggestions of far off stars. 

The atrium will be filled with light and color with ever-changing patterns of color-filled shadows that move along the walls as they reflect off of the artwork.  These ever-changing patterns of color are intended to engage the viewers with positive curiosity and a sense of wonder.  In addition, they express the value of collaboration and give a beautiful and ephemeral meditative distraction to the potential business at hand. 


{Wild Blue Yonder}
Wild Blue Yonder

stainless steel, dichroic glass
Connecticut Aero Tech School, Brainard Airport, Hartford
(entrance façade)
Mind Games (image pending)
suspended sculpture, lobby of east campus building
Norwalk Community College, Norwalk