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Jim Sanborn
{Jim Sanborn}
Circulating Capital
Central Connecticut State University
exterior sculpture plaza
adjacent to residence halls

Artist Jim Sanborn used political economist and philosopher Adam Smith’s studies of the principles of economic behavior as the metaphorical basis for Circulating Capital.  The copper cylinder’s top panel incorporates a passage from Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”.  The lower panel contains the same text converted, as if by computer, to binary code.  A surrounding granite paving ring also contains binary text that has been sandblasted into its surface.  During the day, the sun projects the text across the pavement.  At night, the test is projected over a wide area by a metal halide pinpoint light.   


environmental sculpture with bronze screen
University of Connecticut - Stamford Campus, Stamford
main entrance

{Vocal Witness} Vocal Witness
3 bronze sculptures with text and projects light
Sgt. John L. Levitow Veterans Health Center, Connecticut Veterans Home, Rocky Hill
Front enterance of the Adult Care Facility

The Rocky Hill work uses copper screens to display texts relevant to the veterans at the facility. The projection cylinder used the Congressional Medal of Honor citation for John Levitow. This text is projected over a wide area of the site and, in addition, the perforated screen, represents the holes in the aircraft sustained when it was under attack.
The medallion screen uses the logos of the armed forces represented at the home. And the texts used are drawn from the writings of the residents themselves.
The long curved screen uses texts that are drawn from both significant events in military history or are quotes by well-known military historians. I have used the texts in their original languages so they retain their proper meaning and are more pleasing in form. Translations of the complete texts will be placed on a plaque adjacent to the screen.

{Vocal Witness}