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Alice Aycock
neon, fiber optics, acrylic, and aluminum
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury
(lobby of the Westside Campus Student Center)
76 wide x 156 long x 2 deep


The sculpture suggests an explosion of energy and light and waves of frenetic activity.  It referen es particles of atomic energy and/or neural networks charged with electronic impulses.  Two blue panels adjacent to neon pathways of light contain fiber optics which are arranged in the pattern of star constellations.


{On the Particles of Thought}
On the Particles of Thought
aluminum, polycarbonate plastic globes
Tunxis Community College,
(library atrium)
{Spindizzy - front view}
suspended sculpture
Rowland Government Center, Waterbury
entry lobby

Spatial exploration, intellectual curiosity, and a playful imagination are present in the artwork of Alice Aycock.  She has created an exterior suspended sculpture at the entrance of the Rowland State Government Center.  Spindizzy consists of two aluminum triangulated truss systems that loop over 40 feet through the space and includes a two-cone composition with a whirlpool of neon light.  This energetic sculpture engages the space with its dynamic and whimsical characteristics. 

Additional Images:
{On the Particles of Thought}
{Spindizzy - view from below}
Tunxis Community College             Rowland Government Center