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Ray King
{Cascading Eye}
Cascading Eye
steel, glass
Science Building lobby
{Ray King Cascading Eye Image 2}
Cascading Eye is a light-responsive, glass and cable sculpture, designed, created and installed by Philadelphia-based artist, Ray King. The artwork is comprised of tens of thousands of pieces of laminated safety glass strung along stainless steel cables and suspended in an elegant vesica-shape. The stainless steel cable strands are connected to an intricate tensile cable web attached to a tubular stainless steel columns in the atrium of the building. The glass elements are 2 square, laminated with a dichroic film which reflects one color and projects its opposite color. This high-tech dichroic coating changes color depending on the orientation of the viewer. The majority of the glass elements are colored deep blue (and projected brilliant gold), but carved into the center of the cascade is a cylindrical core of contrasting gold colored glass elements (that project blue), which creates an ocular pattern that is visible from many angles.