CCT: AIPS profile - Helmick & Schechter

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Helmick & Schechter
anodized aluminum, steel, motor
5th-10th floor atrium
{Latitude - detail}

Latitude encourages new ways of perceiving the world and experiencing the City of Hartford as part of a global and temporal continuum.  The artist team, Ralph Helmick and Stuart Schecter, created a work of art that functions as both a timepiece and a map.  The artwork is supported on two architectural cross beams within the five-story atrium space at the college.  The blue aluminum ring rotates slowly and silently in synch with the earth (one rotation every 24 hours) and includes the silhouettes of several points of interest that share the same latitude as the City of Hartford (41.7 north).  At high noon the silhouette of Hartford (made distinct by fold leafing) arrives at the top-most position.