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Leila Daw
Connecticut Artist
{Planetary Conditions}
Planetary Conditions
paint on canvas
Terminal A ticket counter area
{Planetary Conditions}
Airports are places in between here and there.  Yet, airports in and of themselves are universal.  Though located in a specific place, airports are rooted internationally, essentially making them of every place.  Planetary Conditions, consists of a series of forms, arching across the airport terminal.  In some cases these forms look like kites or flags, ready to lift off in other cases they depict a map unfolding.
Winsted on the Move
mixed media on wood panels
Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Winsted
Learning Resource Center
The nine square panels of Winsted on the Move form a map grid that includes the Town of Winsted and its environs.  The panels embody research studies such as geography, topography, climate and the watershed and are located in the entry stairwell of the Learning Recource Center at Northwestern Connecticut Community College.