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Werner Pfeiffer
Formerly a Connecticut Artist
{Brass Ivy}
Brass Ivy
entry façade
{Brass Ivy (detail)}
Werner Pfeiffer essentially used two criteria when developing his artistic language for this project.  One being the formality of the building and its architectural details; and two was a direct consideration of its special use, its occupants, and the history of the community. 


The exterior of the court building was designed with a series of recessed niches which became an ideal setting for wall reliefs.   Brass Ivy is comprised of two low wall sculptures.  They are designed to reference natural vines with a growth like texture often found on classical buildings, while echoing a sense of history and tradition through the choice of material “brass” referring to Waterbury’s past prominence as the Brass Capitol of the world. 

Legal Process Narrative (image pending)
University of Connecticut, Law School, Hartford
stone frieze - library facade
wall sculpture - interior lobby
Wheels (image pending)
Howell Cheney Technical High School, Manchester 
exterior steel sculpture
Broken Lines (image pending)
Howell Cheney Technical High School, Manchester
exterior steel sculpture
Objects Mechanique (image pending)
Wolcott Technical High School, Torrington
color lithograph mural

The installation at Wolcott Technical High School involves 8 wall panels for the areas above the windows in the cafeteria as well as 12 framed mixed media prints spaced throughout the hallways in the school complex.  Objects Mechanique depicts humorous juxtapositions of sometimes automated and mechanized food items or otherwise organic configurations in high-tech settings.  By utilizing familiar gadgets and tools in conjunction with eatable items as well as referring to a ‘language’ the students recognize form their trade and vocation, these surrealistic inventions should encourage a dialogue. 

Werner Pfeiffer is represented in the Connecticut Artist Collection