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Janet Lofquist
Cor-Ten Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Granite Benches
E.C. Goodwin Technical High School, New Britain
exterior facade
The artwork for E.C. Goodwin Technical High School has been developed with consideration of the site, the context of the school and the relationship between art and architecture. The visual elements symbolically refer to both the technical as well as academic emphasis of the school curriculum.
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The work is comprised of a series of large gear wheels that create a rhythmic presence along the stretch of grass adjacent to the west entrance. The gear wheels are made from weathering steel, stainless steel and aluminum using various fabrication methods. With references to familiar iconic forms and through the use of multiples they suggest manufacturing processes and the concept of interchangeable parts, but also symbolize time and motion.
The surface of each wheel is perforated with a sequence of circular openings that create a dynamic play of light and shadow from the daily and seasonal changes of the sun.  At night the openings create a radiating pattern of light that glows from within and that can be seen from the adjacent road.
Two groups of granite benches create a secondary component of the work. As bookends to the assemblage of gear wheels they create sculptural spaces for gathering. The bench assembly details suggest various joinery techniques or methods. In addition, quotes selected by students at E.C. Goodwin are inscribed into the seating surfaces. The quotes, in their present context, suggest multiple interpretations of the word Engage and Connect. The intent is to reference both the academic, connecting concepts and giving form to thoughts and ideas, as well as the technical, connecting structure and materials.