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Locations of Public Art Sites

Art in Public Spaces Program


Middletown, Connecticut

Middlesex County


Along the Connecticut River valley in the central part of the state, the city of Middletown includes 4 state sites with works of public art commissioned through the Art in Public Spaces program. 



Connecticut Juvenile Training School, 1225 Silver Street

Bill and Mary Buchen

Robin Holder

Linda Lichtman


Bell Garden, interactive sculpture, Support Building Entrance

Transformations, stained glass windows, Cafeteria

Unity Windows, handblown and flashed stained glass, Common room / Chapel

Middlesex Community College, 100 Training Hill Road

Vera Schupack

Challenge, relief sculpture, entrance to Library Services building


Riverview Hospital for Children and Youth, CT Valley Hospital, Riverview Road

Alice Adams

 The River, interior sculpture, common room


Vinal Technical School, 60 Daniels Street

Edward McIlvane

Kenneth T. Williams
Emily Zeitlin

Bridge, stained glass, dining room

Untitled, brick wall reliefs, main & side entrances; hallway; lecture hall
Skills + Vision = Future, stained glass, etched and painted glass, outside main entrance
Alice Adams
The River