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Locations of Public Art Sites

Art in Public Spaces Program


New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven County
The City of New Haven is located along the central coastline.  A collection of public artworks is located at four state sites. 
Department of Agriculture, 123 Huntington Street

 Dan Dailey

Quest, Cast glass, entry

Gateway Community College


College Faces, Interior pedestrian bridge 


New Haven Superior Court, Juvenile Court, 239 Whalley Avenue

 William H. Wainwright

 Helical Rainbow, suspended sculpture, atrium entrance of courthouse
.not currently on view due to restoration

Southern Connecticut State University, 501 Crescent Street
Tricia Bobola
Dolly Curtis
Frank T. Gardner
Jack Heard
Carl Henry
Barbara Kirschner
Robert Lehman
Timothy McDowell
Gary Richman
End of the Line/West Rock, environmental sculpture, behind Brownell Hall
H20: Liquide Zone, stainless steel exterior sculpture, near Engleman Hall
Serie Metafisica XVIII, exterior bronze sculpture, between Engleman Hall and Morril Hall
Under Glass, Intaglio print, SE wing, 2nd floor, Engleman Hall
View of the Street, oil on canvas, Biology Chairman's office, Engleman
Artist's Studio with Red Walls, oil on canvas, Biology Chairman's office
Pinstripe Series, fiber wall hanging, in storage, Engleman Hall
Three Rotating Cubes and Cats, pencil drawing, Biology Chairman's office
Fragment Series #1181, painting, NE wing, 3rd floor, Engleman Hall
89 and Jus, oil on canvas, NW wing, 3rd floor near rooms 342 & 335
Jars and Apples, oil on canvas, NW wing, 3rd floor near rooms 342 & 335
The Great Divide Series #4, handmade paper, Engleman Hall
Beyond the Zero, steel sculpture, SE wing, 4th floor, Engleman Hall
Desert Test Site, painting on paper, NE wing, 2nd floor, Engleman Hall
Atlas of Gravity, mixed media, SW wing, 2nd floor stairwell, Engleman Hall
Waveform I, painted steel wall piece, SW wing, 4th floor Engleman Hall
Diagonal Window, oil on canvas, Biology Chairman's office, 2nd floor
Symbols of Man, sculpted limestone wall mural, building facade, Morrill Hall
Avignon After Image, porcelain enamel mural, 1st floor lobby, Morrill Hall
Additional locations of public artwork in New Haven:
The City of New haven manages a percent for art program for city construction. 
An extensive collection at Yale University.