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Art in Public Spaces Program


Storrs, Connecticut

Windham County


The community of Storrs is located within the Town of Mansfield.  Located in a rural part of Eastern Connecticut, Storrs is home to the state's largest public university, UConn. An extensive colleciton of public works commissioned through the Art in Public Spaces program is located througout campus.


University of Connecticut, Route 195

 Ilan Averbuch


Rhys Caparn

Jon Clowes

Michele Oka Doner
Camille Forman
J. Kaneko
Margie Hughto
M. Hughto
M. Hughto
Jodi Kanter
James Seawright
Kenneth VonRoenn

The Dove Tower and Steps to the Bottom of a Pyramid, exterior sculpture, Technology building.

Terrestrial Bird, bronze sculpture, Pathobiology Bdg, 1st floor lounge

Ondine, suspended sculpture, lobby of the Pharmacy/Biology Building

Plain and Painted Parts, interior wall relief mural, Chemistry building

Poolscape IX, mural on concrete block, Natatorium in Gampel Pavillion

Athletikos, brick mural, Founders lobby in Gampel Pavillion

Cellular, ceramic mural, Public Safety Complex, 2nd floor lobby

Copper Tower, exterior sculpture, School of Fine Arts

Untitled, Illuminated suspended sculptures and timepiece, Student Union

Fabric, Child labs, play area & common room

Shift, ceramic tile mural, Biology & Physics building
Front Line, terrazzo florr, Burton Family Football Complex

Passageway, ceramic relief, Pathobiology Building, waiting room
Red Smoke I, ceramic relief, Pathobiology Building, corridor
Red Smoke II, ceramic relief, Pathobiology Building, corridor
Elements, stainless steel sculpture, near main entrance of UT Engineering
V is for Victory, four fiber wall hangings, (in storage)
Stone Book Universe, granite sculpture, Dodd Archives & Research Ctr
Merge, aluminum, steel fasteners, Social Sciences and Humanities building
Mobius Solaris, kinetic sculpture, Castleman Building quadrangle
Uís & Cís, exterior painted aluminum sculpture, School of Fine Arts
Image-Ineering 1987, sculptural wall piece, Engineering School 1st floor
Untitled, stained glass, Pathobiology Building
Arena, series of 12 paintings acrylic on panel, Laurel Hall
Bilateral Symphony, sound activated sculptures, Agricultural Biotechnology Building courtyard
William Benton Museum of Art, University of Connecticut
The Contemporary Galleries, University of Connecticut