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Willimantic, Connecticut 

Windham County


The community of Willimantic is part of the town of Windham and is located in Eastern Connecticut.  Two educational state sites include works of public art commissioned through the Art in Public Spaces program.


Eastern Connecticut State University, 83 Windham Street

Michael Borders


Hope for the Twenty First Century, hand painted print on paper

Alphabet Bench, granite, Early Childhood Family Resource Center
Magic Carpet, grantie, Early Childhood Family Resource Center
Ethereal Bodies, exterior stainless steel sculpture, Hurley Hall entrance
Baseball Images, Iron relief figures & fence sections, entrance to athletic complex
Open Door, Open Book, tapestry, lobby of J. Eugene Smith Library
Aeolian Garden, exterior environmental sculpture, near Occum Hall
Supernova, kinetic exterior sculpture, Gelsi-Young Hall Administration
Comet, kinetic exterior sculpture, admissions building
Sunbench, sculpted bench with optical fibers, entry plaza
Winged Eunonymus Fountain, exterior granite sculptural fountain, near media center
Spiral Plaza, sculptural plaza, near main entrance to Webb Hall
Water Strider Garden, exterior bronze fountain, near Nobiles School
Windframe,stainless steel, Science Building
Connecticut Elongated, oil on canvas
Untitled, stained/leaded glass windows, J. Eugene Smith Library (Johnson Room)
Windham Technical School, 210 Buck Street

David Boyajian

Jaime Ferrer

Michael Malpass

The Scribe, exterior cor-ten steel sculpture, main entrance

To-Do, ceramic tile mural, cafeteria

Untitled, Metal floor relief, lobby
Gallery at ECSU