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David Colbert
Connecticut Artist
{Colbert Totem 2}
Western Totems
Western Connecticut State University, Danbury
David Colbert
Exterior stainless steel sculptures 
Memorial Hall Student Center
Western Totems is an assemblage of seven multi-faceted stainless steel columns placed to form an arch between the two main entrances of Memorial Hall.  The first (near the student entrance) is short and squat, welcoming enough to double as a seat.  Each column along the arch becomes progressively taller and thinner.  They culminate in the tallest which serves as the traditional "grand gesture", sited near the main entrance. 
Random Order
Northwestern Connecticut Community College, Winstead
exterior stainless steel, granite sculpture
Greenwood building
Nature provided inspiration in formulating the approach to Random Order.  In nature, an infinite variation of forms result from particular laws being followed.  Sometimes, as in falling leaves or the shape of mountains, the process appears more random than ordered but rules are being followed and result in the creation of particular forms.