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Robert Roesch
Take Flight (image pending)
Norwich Technical High School, Norwich
exterior stainless steel sculpture
lawn near main entrance

Take Flight consists of two disk-like shapes each 12 feet in diameter.  The free standing component hurdles over the top of a curved rick sitting wall.  The other shape floats 6 inches from the building entry wall, working its way into the lobby of the building.  The center of these two disk-like shapes is open.  The site line between the two elements forges a strong visual connection.  This is emphasized by the brilliant lighting flooding the center shapes.  Its faceted surface, allows light to travel over the work giving the sense of perpetual movement, and reflecting accidental colors from its surrounding landscape. 

Roesch’s work is always architecturally anchored and yet has the feeling of being lighter than air.  The concept of being, “lighter than air and yet well grounded”, serves as a metaphor for the student body to be “strong while moving forward”.