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Anna & Wolfgang Kubach-Wilmsen
Stone Book Universe
University of Connecticut, Storrs
exterior granite sculpture - Finland Granite
270 x 170 x 100 cm
Dodd Archives and Research Center


In thinking about a proposal for the Plaza in front of the Archives Research Center, University of Connecticut, we first tried to imagine the human wisdom inside the building, the history of men, written in books and stored in relicts of now and long ago.  For it to be a project in relation to all the books, that contain spiritual history and development of mankind inside the Library Archives.


While thinking perhaps of a blue stone, we found a big brown Finland Granite.  This stone had a very special structure of huge numbers of dark balls surrounded by green circles.  The spheres in the stone volume appeared to us like a micro-universe and we both fall in love with it.

Finally we remembered the landscape of Connecticut with the many erratic blocks all over and under the surface of the ground.  They made us think about the cosmic history of this environment.  So we had the idea to create a big stonebook for the library Plaza.


  • During the first two months the work was very rough.  We used hammer and chisels to release the stones “BOOK” out of the natural broken stoneblock.
  • In the second phase of realization we used electric grinding machines, to shape the surface of the book-block.
  • In the end – process from stone-block to stone-book:  Wolfgang did he finish grinding with water and diamante-discs and Anna worked the composition of the foliage.
  • Towards the end of our struggle with the resistance we started to touch it, and found, that it looked like a sculptors’ prose.
  • We called it Stonebook UNIVERSE


Below is a piece written by Anna and Wolfgang Kubach-Wilmsen from their proposal




Stonebooks are relics of the earth’s prehistory.


Books are coffin or chest

of human information

Stonebooks are eye witnesses

of their own history of origin

once upon a time and now


From the rock painting to the letter

From the rock to the book

Stone book


Stonebooks = sculptural prose


When I take the stonebook in my hand it is cold

Cold crawls in my hand

Warmth moves into the stone

The stonebook stores my comprehension.


A book is held by the hand

and read with the eyes

A stonebook is held by the eyes

and red with the hand.


Stonebooks are virginal books.