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Adela Akers
Spatial Interaction (image pending)
Manchester Community College, Manchester
linen, sisal, wool - textile wall hanging
storage, awaiting restoration
Spatial Interaction is a sculptural textile relief consisting of 26 strips, 7 inches wide and 6.5 feet long each of hand woven sisal, linen and wool yarn.  The edges are sewn together producing an accordion form which protrudes from the wall.  Color has been applied structurally to create an image that travels softly over the hard edge of the "accordion".  The color modulation calls attention to the two-dimensional surface of the woven cloth.  Overlapping color emphasizes the artworks sense of transparency and atmosphere. 

Spatial Interaction speaks about harmony and balance.  The sense of balance between what is real, grounded, solid and static (earth) and the ephemeral, illusive, intangible of a world of dreams and fantasy (sky).  Whether we experience the diagonal bands of bright color moving up or moving down they are in movement and in balance at the same time.  Earth and sky merging in space, bands of rust color and light blue color coming from opposite sides cross each other, overlap and continue on. 


The vertical elements act as a kind of screen or support for the painterly bright diagonal bands.  The vertical elements establish the picture plane.  The diagonal elements establish the structure as well as create an illusionary space.  As the viewer moves, the bands and the image change, the relationships altered by the different points of view.  The bright bands appear to move beyond the limits of the piece and then return. 


Even though the colors are high keyed they interact in a peaceful manner to a most harmonious whole.  The visual layering in nature, light filtering through the trees in the woods, reflections of sunlight or moonlight on a pond, nature is at peace with man.  I strive to convey and generate this kind of peace by bringing colors and shapes into balance.