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Helena Hernmark
Connecticut Artist
Open Door, Open Book (image pending)
Eastern Connecticut State University, Willimantic
lobby of J. Eugene Smith Library
The design of the tapestry “Open Door / Open Book” has a double meaning.  The library opens its doors to anyone who wants to anyone who wants to learn, and you are drawn in by the hint of interesting things inside.  The bookbindings are opened and you can glimpse through the back of the book the widening of horizons that education fosters in a person.
The tapestry measures 16 feet by 8 feet, weighs approximately 70 poundsThe materials used are a linen wrap in three color combinations plus a wool, linen and cotton weft in 600 colors.  The weavings techniques are tabby, discontinuous tabby and weft brocade.  It was woven from the bottom up at approximately two inches per day.  The blue yarns were custom dyed and spun by Walstedt’s Textilverkstad in Sweden.
Helena Hernmark - work in the Connecticut Artist Collection.  View