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Joe Pentland (Connecticut artist)
{DPH lab}
Spinning Lines, Horizontal and Vertical
24 units, anodized aluminum, plastic, gears, and motors
Department of Public Health Laboratory
Rocky Hill, CT

Interior Project: Installed in 2014. The interior installation consists of a line of circularly rotating spheres which generate complex patterns through the movements of a simple spinning sphere.  Each unit (a total of 24) rotates independently with discrete programming. The movements of each unit are lost as they become part of the larger continuous production and a single line morphs into and out of different patterns. 
The interior programmable installation will include a series of patterns derived from actual research conducted within the DPH laboratory. View the interior installation in motion.
Science and patterns are intrinsically linked, but the beauty and importance of patterns is often lost in the translation of the math and science.  By taking the math and translating it into visual kinetic patterns, this beauty can be seen in a way that allows the viewer a glimpse into the elegance of science and the depth of the process involved. 

Exterior Project: Installed in 2015. The exterior work of art compliments the interior piece and serves as an iconic sculptural form for the DPH laboratory. The sculpture stands approximately 27' in height with kinetic motion driven by a motor. The exterior piece is not programmable in the same manner as the interior work but it references elements of the laboratory through the pill shaped forms while corresponding to the architectural elements of the building. View the exterior sculpture in motion.