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Nobuho "Nobi" Nagasawa
Interior: terrazzo and stainless steel inlay
Exterior: etching, stainless steel bench
Quinebaug Valley Middle College High School
Danielson, CT
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Crossings creates a journey that joins the Quinebaug Valley Middle College High School (QVMCHS)  with Quinebaug Valley Community College (QVCC).  Using a composition of flowing pattern in the lobby and the courtyard and imbedding discovery elements along this path, the overall design will work as a unifying force that makes the connection from High School to College and metaphorically "pave the way" from one stage of life to the next. 
A classic double helix pattern in terrazzo begins in the slate lobby floor as you enter, at the window overlook you see the double helix repeated, etched in the scored concrete of the exterior plaza below.  The molecules that make up the DNA double helix contain the instructions and store the information necessary for the replication of life.  Here the double helix is a symbol for learning; receiving instruction and storing information for use further along life's path.   
Along with the helix, images that draw upon knowledge from art, science and culture will be imbedded for discovery and a large symbolic book is located in the courtyard as a symbol of the history of learning.  The book is opened, includes imagery and serves as seating. 
Nobuho Nagasawa creates interactive spaces that are informed by the physical, natural, social, and historical aspects of the site through the people and their spatial narrative.