CCT: 2000-2001 Public Art Installations

Art In Public Spaces

2000-2001 Public Art Installations

{Copper Tower}
Copper Tower
cast concrete, steel, copper
(in front of the J. Louis von der Mehden Recital Hall)
{In the Beginning} {In the Beginning (detail)}
In the Beginning
cast glass, water
University of Connecticut at Avery Point, Groton
(Marine Science Research building lobby)
{The Tree of Life} {The Tree of Life (bronze spheres)}
The Tree of Life
concrete, bronze
(north façade of the main building / outside academic entrance to the main building)
{Sonic Gates: MCC}
Sonic Gates: MCC
Interactive sound and light sculpture
(entry to the Learning Resource Center)
{Brass Ivy} {Brass Ivy (detail)}
Werner Pfeiffer
Brass Ivy
(entry façade)
aluminum, bronze, marble
(outside the main entrance)
{Aeolian Garden}
Aeolian Garden
water, architectural fragments
(campus entrance)