CCT: 2008 Public Art Installations

Art In Public Spaces

2008 Public Art Installations

{PI Plaza} {PI Plaza at night}

Barbara Grygutis
PI Plaza
aluminum, LED lighting system
Henry Abbott Technical High School, Danbury
(outside front entrance)
{Echo - detail}
Paul Housberg
fused/cast glass mounted on reflective surface
(lobby of Technology Hall)
{The Rail of Justice} {The Rail of Justice from above}
Jeffrey Schiff
Rail of Justice
stainless steel, brass and granite
New Britain
Superior Court, New Britain
(outside front entrance)
{Dream Weaver - exterior} {Dream Weaver - interior detail}
Robert Perless
Dream Weaver
holographic coated aluminum
Howell Cheney Technical High School, Manchester
(outside and inside front entrance)
{On the Particles of Thought} {On the Particles of Thought}
Alice Aycock
On the Particles of Thought
aluminum, polycarbonate plastic globes
Tunxis Community College,
(library atrium)
{Perambulations} {Perambulations}
Jo Yarrington
photographic images mounted on Duraclear panels
Quinebaug Valley Community College, Danielson
(main entrance atrium)
{Vocal Witness} {Vocal Witness}
Jim Sanborn
Vocal Witness
bronze, projected light
Sgt. John L. Levitow Veterans Health Center, Connecticut Veterans Home, Rocky Hill
(outside front entrance)