CCT: Speakers

Speakers & Bios

Paula Terry, Director of the AccessAbility Office at the National Endowment for the Arts. The NEA has received many awards in recognition of the works by Ms. Terry in advocacy and technical assistance.

Stephanie Moore, Director of Visual Arts for VSA arts where she is responsible for providing the overall direction and production of all visual arts exhibitions and events at the national level.

Aaron Kubey, Executive Director/President of the National Theatre of the Deaf. He has had the opportunity of working on numerous television, film, and theatrical productions over the course of his professional career.

John Denner, Guitarist who is an accomplished musician, who has performed in such places as the Iridium, a jazz club in New York City, with the iconic musician Les Paul.

Ashley & Nancy Wolfe, Actors. Ashley Wolfe’s recent work starring in an independent film, "Mr. Blue Sky," has garnered highly positive reviews. Nancy Wolfe acted in a lead role in "Mr. Blue Sky."

Ekiwah Adler-Beléndez, Poet who is an author of three volumes of poetry and two books in Spanish and English. He won Honorable Mention for the National Youth Prize in Mexico.

The Little Theatre of the Deaf, The children’s wing of the National Theatre of the Deaf gives live performances to thousands of children and adults in schools and theatres across the United States.

Ricky Alfonso, Musician with his talented quintet who produce stunningly original swing and modern jazz compositions.