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Business Strategies
April 10, 2010
Richard J. Kinsella Arts Magnet School, Hartford, CT

Business Strategies and the Empowerment of the Artist Entrepreneur
Keynote Address: James Grace

Keynote speaker James Grace will speak about the importance of artists viewing themselves as entrepreneurs.  He will provide an overview of some of the essential tools artists need to be effective and thrive in their careers including elements of good financial management and legal issues such as contracts, copyright, and insurance.


Before You Sign on the Dotted Line: A Crash Course in Contract Negotiation
Presenter: James Grace

James Grace will cover a range of contract questions and best practices that have been culled from the four corners of the world. It will also cover the general elements of common contracts with specific attention paid to a standard gallery and agent contract.  The seminar will teach methods for one-on-one negotiation, empowering artists with the knowledge and confidence to engage in successful and healthy negotiations.


NYFA Artist Source
Presenter: Elena Dubas

NYFA Source is the most extensive national directory of awards, services, and publications for artists. Listings include over 4,200 arts organizations, 2,900 award programs, 4,200 service programs, and 900 publications for individual artists across the country. More programs are added every day. Learn first-hand how this powerful service can help you build your career.


Financial Management - You, Your Business and Your Money
Presenter: Paul Ramunni
Hear expert advice about the basics of managing your finances and important information on taxes.


Gallery Relationships and Pricing Your Work
Presenter: Janice La Motta
Learn more about establishing and maintaining relationships with galleries.


"The Doctor is IN": Doctor Sessions
Artists can register to meet for a 20-minute one-on-one “check up” with an expert on the following topics.

Read Doctor Bios

The General Practitioner: Ray Tubbs

Evolution: Managing Changes Throughout Your Career: Dr. Richard J. Scaldini

Showing and Selling Your Art: Beth Pite

Order Out of Chaos: Organizing Your Business: Shirley M. Hall

Online Portfolio Development: Lisa Mikulski

Copywriting, Contracts and Other Things that Scare You: Todd Pickens

Initiating Partnerships: Cross-Discipline Collaboration: Jacques Lamarre

Making the Right Statement: Everything Written: Deb Wadsworth

Networking in a Nutshell: Chip Janiszewski