CCT: March 6th Overview

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Career Planning
March 6, 2010
Sacred Heart University, Fairfield CT

Big Picture – Career Planning
Presenter: Karen Atkinson, artist and educator

Karen Atkinson will lend a national perspective to career planning by highlighting the many different avenues artists follow to develop their careers and define success for themselves. Using personal experiences and those of artists that she has helped educate and empower, she will present professional practice skills to assist artists in navigating the best possible career path and outline the fundamental components of a successful career in the arts.

Hybrid Careers:
Blend your art-work with your work-work
Speaker: Karen Atkinson, artist and educator

This seminar will expand your thinking about what your work might encompass. Learn how hybrid practice can help galvanize constructive social change and more. Hybrid artists can be found working in science, emerging technologies, healthcare and other "beyond-the-traditional" art-making roles as they put their creativity to use wherever they apply themselves.


NYFA Artist Source: Get connected to the resources you need.
Speaker: Amber Hawk Swanson, Officer, NYFA Source/Instructor, MARK10

Learn how to use the New York Foundation for the Arts’ (NYFA) Artist Source ( - the most extensive online national directory of awards, services, and publications for artists. Discover how to optimize NYFA Source searches and gain helpful tips for applying for grants, residencies and other opportunities.


Create Your Own Future:
Mastering the art of setting and achieving goals
Jane Pollak: speaker, author and certified coach

Does this sound familiar? You move from task to task successfully but don't seem to make any forward movement. Change from being a task-oriented individual to a goal-setter with a purpose. This session will provide you with ways to formulate goals and achieve them, successfully deal with short-term goals, and prioritize your to-do's for meaningful results. Learn the importance of written goals, how to create SMART goals, and who to share them with and why. You’ll also work through a series of exercises to flex your goal-setting muscles.


Thinking Outside the Studio: Using your unique skills to generate income.
Moderator: Hal Tweedy, artist, certified coach and marketing professional
Panelists: Sarah Haskel, artist, educator and community builder;
Karen Rossi, artist and entrepreneur;
Allen Wittert, artist and corporate ideas illustrator

In this panel discussion learn how several artists have found ways to make a living using their unique skills in related careers. A life coach will guide a discussion among three artists who have found creative ways to continue making their art through such methods as licensing, storyboarding for corporations and bringing communities together through creative projects. Expand how you think about your unique creative skills and how exciting projects might help support your passion.