CCT: May 1st Overview:
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Marketing & Promotion
May 1, 2010
North Haven Campus of Gateway Community College
North Haven, CT
Keynote Address: Making An Artist's Life Work
Presenter: Jackie Battenfield

Ms. Jackie Battenfield will speak about the importance of artists prioritizing professional practices as a part of the successful career of a working artist.  She will discuss the ways these skills will benefit an artist during their professional career and over a lifetime. She will provide an overview of four major areas that artist need to work to hone their professional practice skills and will provide in-depth direction on marketing and promotion.

Public Presentations
Presenter: Jackie Battenfield

Ms. Battenfield will lead an engaging dialogue and hands-on workshop about public presentations.  The group will learn a basic foundation for speaking not just to a large group of people about their work and themselves but also learn about networking and building individual relationships with their peers, curators, potential agents and others that can help them and they can help to succeed in the art world.


NYFA Source
Presenter: Elena Dubas
NYFA Source is the most extensive national directory of awards, services, and publications for artists. Listings include over 4,200 arts organizations, 2,900 award programs, 4,200 service programs, and 900 publications for individual artists across the country. More programs are added every day. Learn first-hand how this powerful service can help you build your career.

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The Power of PR to Market Your Art
Presenter: Barbara Branagan-Mitchell

Learn from a widely-experienced PR professional how you can publicize your artwork, gallery showings and more by writing and placing press releases, captioned photos and event listings with your local area, and statewide, media outlets.

The Art of Artist Statements: Writing Tips for Visual People
Presenter: D'lynne Plummer

Visual and performance artists, as conveyors of stories, intention and feeling, are often more comfortable explaining themselves through paint, movement or music than through written and spoken language. This workshop provides tools to help artists craft statements, biographies, descriptions of their work, and turn their point of view into media-ready pitches. Bring a pen and an open mind.

Social Media: The User-Friendly Tool for Artists
Panelists: Sharon Butler, Todd Jokl, Austin Thomas, Hrag Vartanian 

What if you made a website and nobody ever saw it? OK. You have a website. Now What? How do you tweet, blog, vlog and facebook to drive folks to your website? This panel will explore ways in which artists can use the Internet, specifically, websites and social media platforms, as tools for marketing and promoting their work. Website design sources will be discussed as well.