CCT: CCT's Commissioners Conflict of Interest Policy


Commissioners shall abide by the Code of Ethics for Public Officials, as set forth in the Connecticut Handbook for Appointed Officials, including the ethical rules set forth in Connecticut General Statutes sections 1-79 et seq., and in particular sections 1-84 through 1-86.

Commissioners of the Connecticut Commission Culture and Tourism ("Commissioners") shall not use their positions, or any confidential information received as a result of that position, to obtain financial gain for, among others, themselves or an organization with which they are associated, even if that use of position is inadvertent or unintentional. Organizations with which Commissioners are associated include those that employ, hire, or contract with a Commissioner or with which a Commissioner is affiliated as a paid or unpaid director.

In a case where a conflict of interest exists, Commissioners shall place the potential conflict on the record of the Commission, and abstain from participation in the matter, including discussions, votes or any other action. In cases where it is unclear whether a conflict of interest exists or whether abstention is sufficient, any Commissioner may seek an opinion from the Connecticut State Ethics Commission.

Annually, on or before July 1, Commissioners shall file with the Commission a list of all organizations with which they are associated, as defined above.

Adopted December 15, 2003

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