CCT: Artist Fellowship Program

Artist Fellowship Program

The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD), Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA), and its Artist Fellowship Program encourage the continuing development of Connecticut artists. The program offers competitive grants of up to $10,000 to Connecticut artists and enables them to set aside time to pursue their work and achieve specific creative and career goals.

The deadline for the 2014 Artist Fellowship Program has passed and the 2015 Artist Fellowship Program Guidelines are not available at this time.

Guidelines for the 2014 Artist Fellowship Program  (for informational purposes only)


Artist Fellowship News & Announcements

COA is currently working to finalize the Arts Catalyze Placemaking (ACP) grant materials for the FY16 grant cycle.  We will begin looking at the timeline and guidelines for the next cycle of Artist Fellowship grants after the FY16 ACP program is released.  Please check back for updates. - Thank You (1/8/15)

COA is planning sessions in winter of 2015 to discuss opportunities for artists through COA programs.  Includes the Artist Fellowship Program, the Arts Catalyze Placemaking Program, the Art in Public Spaces Program and the Artist Registry (which is transitioning to NEFA's Creative Ground), and more.  Please check back here in December for further details. (10/22/14) 

2013 recipient, Jasmine Dreame Wagner's book of poems, Rings, is now available for pre-order from Kelsey Street Press. Learn more about the book and early reviews.

2014 Artist Fellowship Awardees:

The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) awarded the 2014 Artist Fellowships Awards to 6 artists selected based on the artistic excellence of their work. The funding provides an opportunity for these artists to continue their artistic development and creation of new work.

Grants in the amount of $10,000 were awarded in the categories of Craft, Film/Video, New Media/Digital Arts and Sculpture/3D Installation, to the following artists:





 Roland Becerra

Film / Video



 Johannes DeYoung

Film / Video



 Joe Fig

Sculpture / 3D Installation



 Kayla Bree Gibbons

Sculpture / 3D Installation

New Haven 


 Terrence Lavin




 Adele Myers

New Media / Digital Art



View past Artist Fellowship recipients

2013 - Choreography, Dramatic Writing, Music Composition, Poetry, Prose

2012 - Craft, New Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Works on Paper 
2011 - Choreography, Fiction, Film/Video, Music Composition, Playwriting, Poetry
2010Craft, New Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Works on Paper 
2009 -  Choreography, Fiction, Film/Video, Music Composition, Playwriting, Poetry
2008Craft, New Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture/Installation, Works on Paper 


2011 & 2012 grant recipients:
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Final Report for 2012 grantees: Due July 14, 2013.
Grantees may review the 
Final Report for Individuals Outline to assist with final report preparations. Access the final report through COA's e-granting portal at

Final Report for 2011 grantees:
PDF document

For more information, contact
Tamara Dimitri at


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{Hirokazu Fukawa}

Hirokazu Fukawa

{Kevin Van Aelst}

Kevin Van Aelst

{Rachael Vaters-Carr}




{David Ryan}
David Ryan

{Lisa Molomot}

Lisa Molomot

David Dorfman

{Leslie Giuliani}
Leslie Giuliani

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