CCT: HOT Schools Summer Institute

HOT Schools Summer Institute

The Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute highlights the HOT APPROACH as a reliable keystone for employing instructional practice that cultivates critical, creative and innovative thinkers, inspires and motivates educators, and sparks the joy in teaching and learning.

SAVE THE DATE:  The 24th Annual HOT Schools Summer Institute will be held July 10 14, 2017 at the Hartford Hilton in Hartford, CT.  2017 Theme:  STEAM - HOT Schools Put the A in STEM to make it SIZZLE.

Themes from past years include:
Storytelling - an Artful Journey (2016)

The Time is Now - Making Arts Learning Visible, Viable & Valued (2015)
There's Nothing Common About Our Core (2014)
Back to the Future...Still Leading the Way (2013)
Connecticut Still Revolutionary (2012)
Roots for Innovation (2011)
Leading the Way...Higher Order Thinking in a New Decade (2010)
ARTocracy: Leading Learning in a New Age (2009)
Visible Learning: Arts with Intention (2008)
The Art of Partnerships: Building and Sustaining Arts Organization and School Partnerships (2007)
Wisdom Begins in Wonder: The Art of Higher Order Thinking (2006)
"Ancora Imparo" I Am Still Learning (2005)
Freedom And Expression: The Vocabulary of the Arts (2004)
The Challenge of Change (2003)
The Teachable Moment (2002)
Exploring Science Through an Arts Integrated Approach to Learning (2001)
Ancient Voices, Future Visions: Exploring an Arts Integrated Approach to Learning (2000)
The Book: Explorations in Literacy and the Arts (1999)

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