CCT: Directory of Performing and Teaching Artists

Directory of Performing and Teaching Artists

The Directory of Performing and Teaching Artists (Directory), an important component of the COA's project grants opportunities and provides a reliable resource of high-quality Connecticut artists who have been juried for:

  • excellence in their art forms and
  • readiness and capacity to work in schools and community settings as a Performing, Teaching/Connecting, or Teaching/Integrating Artist.  

The Directory includes artists from the following disciplines:

Applying to the Directory…
The Connecticut Office of the Arts is not accepting new artists at this time.   COA will post information about applying to the Directory when the opportunity becomes available. Please check back.   

The FY11 Directory Guidelines  are available for information only. We recommended that artists interested in applying to the Directory review these application guidelines, and become familiar with the types of support documents and materials required at time of application.

For more information, contact
Lu Rivera at 860-256-2732 or

Bonnie Koba at 860-256-2730 or  


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