CCT: Statewide Historic Resource Inventory

Statewide Historic Resource Inventory

The State Historic Preservation Office maintains a historic resource survey and inventory program that identifies and documents historic, architectural, archaeological and industrial resources. Collectively, these cultural resource surveys comprise the Statewide Historic Resource Inventory (SHRI), which is a useful tool for municipal officials, local planners, preservationists, property owners, and researchers.

The SHRI has generated information, photographs and maps for approximately 90,000 properties, and new ones are added to the inventory yearly. In addition to surveys organized geographically by individual town boundaries, statewide thematic surveys have been undertaken for bridges, industrial complexes, lighthouses, outdoor sculpture, railroad stations, synagogues, theaters, town greens, state-owned properties/campuses and state parks.

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Jenny Scofield
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Top "Q & A" about the SHRI.
Have you recorded this?
The SHRI files are arranged by town and then street address. To check on an address, mail or fax (860-256-2755) a request to the Survey and Grants Director with your name and mailing address, telephone number, and the full street address of the property that you would like information on.

What exactly will I find?
Properties are recorded on a state inventory form. Through extensive archival research and fieldwork,  effort is made to identify the original owner, architect, date of construction, and original use, and to relate the property to the historical development of its community. A black and white photo is attached to the inventory form. You may request a photocopy or microfiche copy. For more extensive research questions, it is suggested that you make an appointment with the Commissionís Survey and Grants Director to discuss your area of interest.

What types of resources are researched?
All types of buildings and structures are inventoried-governmental, commercial, residential, institutional, industrial, and ecclesiastical. Unique or unusual structures such as bridges, lighthouses, carousels, and forts are also included. Town greens, city parks, cemeteries, state parks and outdoor sculptures have been surveyed.

Is this stuff copy-right free?
As a publicly supported activity, documentation produced for inclusion in the SHRI files is in the public domain and copyright free. However, many of the Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism's publications are copyrighted. It is the researchers responsibility to be aware of copyrighted materials and act accordingly. The courtesy of a credit line is appreciated.

Town Architecture Surveys
Connecticut is made up of 169 towns; all cities, boroughs and villages, well as rural areas are located within municipal boundaries. Over half of the stateís towns have been partially or fully surveyed for historic buildings.

Thematic Architecture Surveys
Statewide surveys have been done of certain buildings and objects grouped by theme rather that geography. These include historic bridges, industrial buildings, lighthouses, railroad stations, state-owned properties and campuses, state parks, theaters, and post offices. Published books and reports are available for purchase on historic armories, synagogues, Jewish farms and resorts from 1890-1945, outdoor sculptures, Civil War monuments, and the military monuments of the State Armory.

Access to the State Historic Resource Inventory
Original reports on paper, with inventory forms and photographs, are available for reference at:

                                          Thomas J. Dodd Research Center
                                                   University Libraries
                                               University of Connecticut
                                             405 Babbidge Road, U-205
                                                Storrs, CT 06269-1205
                                             Telephone: 860-486-4500
                                                   Fax: 860-486-4521

The catalog of materials may be reached at:

                                    Connecticut Historic Preservation Collection
                                             Thomas Dodd Research Center
                                            Userís Guide Interactive Edition

Microfiche copies are located at:

                                          State Historic Preservation Office
                                          450 Columbus Boulevard
                                                   Hartford, CT 06103
                                               Telephone: 860-500-2300


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