CCT: Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit

Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit program is designed to encourage new homeownership and to assist existing homeowners in maintaining or rehabilitating their property.


Please view our informational videos on the Historic Homes Tax Credit:

The program:

  • allows allocation of up to $3 million per state fiscal year in corporate tax credits. Corporations may qualify if providing funds in the form of cash -- purchase of the tax credits -- or loans where the value of the tax credit is used to reduce the amount owing on the loan.
  • provides a thirty percent tax credit, up to $30,000 per dwelling unit, for the rehabilitation of 1-4 family buildings. After completion of rehabilitation work, one unit must be owner-occupied for a period of five years.
  • requires a minimum of $15,000 in qualified rehabilitation expenditures to qualify.
  • requires that the building be listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places

The owner must submit applications to the SHPO for approval prior to the start of rehabilitation work.

Please note that while staff works to review and respond to applications as quickly as possible, this program receives a high volume of applications.  Because of this your project planning must factor the 30-day review period allowable under the program regulations.

Instructions: --please refer to instructions for important information on required attachments to the application.

Part 1 application

Part 2 application

Part 2 amendment Please Note: Amendments to the work project must be submitted for review and approval prior to beginning the work or you risk losing your tax credit reservation.

Part 3 application

Part 4 application

Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit Regulations

CGS 10-416  Tax Credits for the Rehabilitation of Historic Homes


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State Historic Preservation Office
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