CCT: Tourism Strategic Marketing Plan

Tourism Strategic Marketing Plan

The Connecticut Strategic Marketing Plan strives to extend the reach of the state’s "Connecticut still revolutionary" brand and marketing efforts through collaboration and cooperative partnerships with culture and tourism partners. Integration and successful cooperative efforts benefit the culture and tourism industries and the state in many ways:

Increases attendance and visitation to Connecticut’s culture and tourism destinations;
Promotes Connecticut ’s brand to tourists and state residents;
Provides funding for new and innovative marketing initiatives;
Extends limited public and private sector resources through partnerships;
Focuses public and private sector marketing efforts through shared objectives and strategies;

Leverages culture and tourism as a contributor to the economic development of Connecticut.
The Connecticut Strategic Marketing Plan guides the marketing communication efforts of COT and serves as the basis for the state’s advertising campaign. The plan builds on the success of Connecticut tourism marketing efforts and introduces selected new strategies and initiatives based on consumer market research and campaign tracking results, as well as valuable industry input. The plan is used as a marketing roadmap for promoting Connecticut to visitors and state residents.

The Strategic Marketing Plan and campaign are designed to attract tourists from neighboring states in the Northeast, instill pride in Connecticut residents and encourage residents to invite their friends and family to visit. Connecticut is positioned as a great close-by getaway destination that offers an abundance of inspirational experiences for families and adults.


Connecticut Brand Positioning

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Just as it has for centuries, Connecticut remains a haven for original ideas and fresh thinking.  A magnet for dreamers and doers, the state blends the old and historic with the young and energetic to create an inspiring dynamic - one that motivates people to experience new things, defy convention and blaze their own trails. 

Click here for a copy of the Connecticut Tourism Strategic  Marketing Plan:  2016-2017.

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