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The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) believes that arts education is essential to the creative learning process and contributes to a vigorous community, and COA is dedicated to advancing the arts as an essential element of life-long learning.  COA supports teaching and learning for all ages through high quality arts engagement, community connections and arts integration as important components within the state's creative placemaking initiative.  Programs and Services include:

  • Higher Order Thinking Schools - a comprehensive approach to school improvement that directly serves select Connecticut PreK-12 urban, suburban and rural schools, and which has been adopted by schools, arts education programs, arts organizations, and teaching artists across the country that are interested in understanding school culture change, curriculum integration, leadership development, and arts-infused program design. For more information and to find out how you can participate select HOT Schools.

  • Poetry Out Loud (POL) is a national recitation contest funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Poetry Foundation. The program is free and open to all Connecticut high school English and language arts classes. For more information and to find out how you can participate select POL.

  • Professional Development Opportunities
    • The hallmark of COA’s arts learning is the HOT Schools Summer Institute, a nationally acclaimed, week-long residential conference packed with renowned speakers, seminars, workshops, sequential learning tracks, interactive demonstrations and performances, and which invites nationwide participation.  For more information and to find out how you can participate select Summer Institute.
    • Leadershops are a series of professional development workshops designed by host HOT Schools in collaboration with HOT Schools program staff to share best practices developed and tested in HOT Schools over time. HOT Leadershops are free and open to HOT School and non-HOT School educators, as well as artists who work in schools and education directors of arts organizations across the state. For more information and to find out how you can participate select Leadershops.
    • Educational Studies Seminar (ESS). The first annual ESS made possible through a partnership with Wesleyan University was held in 2013.  ESS was designed for pre-service (particularly Wesleyan students interested in teaching) and practicing educators, administrators and teaching artists interested in an innovative approach to teaching and learning, and school improvement.  For more information select Educational Studies Seminar .
    • Building Communities of Practice – Workshops and convening sessions designed to stimulate effective collegial practice among arts in education practitioners and providers through focus groups, skills development and intensive coaching.  2013/2014 focuses on strengthening capacity and building leadership and a community of practice among Directory and non-Directory teaching artists.  For more information select Communities of Practice .

  • The Directory of Teaching Artists - provides a reliable resource of high-quality Connecticut artists who have been juried for:
    • excellence in their art forms, and;
    • readiness and capacity to work in school and community settings as a Performing, Teaching/Connecting, or Teaching/Integrating Artist.  For more information about the Director, how to access Directory Artists, how to apply to become a Directory Artist, and to learn about fee supporting for engaging Directory Artists, select Directory.

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