CCT: Adaptation of Tuition

A new Governor, as he takes on his new tasks, will use reason and careful planning. But he will also use daring and instinct. And sometimes he will need to call upon intuition to govern his people well. This is a small poem called just that, "Intuition, an Adaptation":

INTUITION (an adaptation)

Itís not in your face. It says in quiet tones,

"I will help you."

It drives an ordinary car on ordinary roads

into the flames

no one else will see for many years. It listens

like a young man in love,

so far down inside a happiness

it moves pebbles and stones.

One evening, it read Wallace Stevens

and gazed on Hartford in a purple light,

then talked with the thin men of Haddam

of the blackbird walking around them.

It wears its sleeves turned up above the elbows,

blinks in spotlights, jogs for miles

on Connecticut shorelines,

delivers messages that glow

faintly as a low-turned halogen

lamp in the corner of a poetís bedroom. It

considers deeply as a Governor,

but without anxiety. It has

surveyed what it needs to know of farms and stars

and dismissed the rest. "I will help you,"

it whispers in the hallways of power,

"I will help you, I will lift you up."

-Dick Allen

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