CCT: Message from Executive Director Karen Senich

Message from Executive Director Karen Senich

We are pleased to advise you that, on December 6, 2010, the Commission of Culture & Tourism awarded grants from the Arts Project Support, Survey & Planning, Endangered Building Fund, Historic Restoration Fund and Certified Local Government Historic Preservation Enhancement grant programs.  These programs are funded by the state appropriation to CCT, funds received by CCT from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Community Investment Act (C.G.S §4-66aa).  We hope you will take this opportunity to congratulate your constituents.

The Commission is committed to supporting our cultural, artistic, historic preservation and tourism organizations so that they can achieve their goals and continue to add to Connecticut’s economic vitality and quality of life.  Our grant programs help the Commission in that endeavor.

The grant programs from which funds were awarded include:

  • Arts Project Support – furthers the Commission’s belief that all citizens should have access to arts. The program provides funding to organizations to create programs to allow all people to meaningfully engage in arts activities.

  • Poetry Out Loud – sponsored by NEA, Poetry Out Loud encourages young people to learn about poetry through memorization and performance, which bolsters public speaking skills and self confidence.

  • Survey & Planning – supports wide range of historic preservation activities of non profits and municipalities.

  • Historic Restoration Fund – provides assistance for the rehabilitation, restoration or stabilization of historic building and structures.

  • Certified Local Government Historic Preservation Enhancement – supports activities sponsored by the municipal historic district commissions of Certified Local Governments that enhance the historic district commission administrative capabilities, strengthen local preservation programs and produce public education materials and activities.

To see a full list of grants awarded on December 6, 2010, click here.

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