CCT: Career Development and Networking


Career Development and Networking


Advice on Art 
A series of articles from Contemporary Artists' Services, a management consulting firm specializing in the career development of visual artists.  Articles include information on professional practices, gallery relationships and other topics. Subscriptions to an online newsletter also available.


Arts and Business Council, Greater Boston, A Chapter of Americans for the Arts


Artist Help Network

Resources on artist housing, legal matters, insurance and career help.


Many free resources designed to help artists manage and advance their careers. Learn to create and promote a website, find health insurance, do your taxes, get legal assistance and more.


Offers career advice to photographers, support materials, links to recommended photography galleries and museums and other sites of interest.


Bronx Museum: Artist in the Marketplace

A 13-week seminar program offered annually in the fall and the spring to emerging artists in the greater NY metropolitan area. Classes meet at the Museum and cover topics of practical concern to artists, such as curatorial practice, copyright law, exhibition and public art opportunities, gallery representation, grants writing, income taxes, and marketing.


Craft Emergency Fund


CUE Art Foundation  

Helps under-recognized artists throughout the U.S. with career development through exhibitions, residencies and other programs.


Photo.Net  The largest general photography community on the Web, it is a site for serious photographers to connect with other photographers, explore photo galleries, discuss photography and share and critique photos.



Dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.



Allows artists to show, promote, and share their work world-wide.



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