CCT: What is the difference between Connecting/Correlating & Integrating


The Connecticut Office of the Arts (COA) is committed to advancing arts learning through high quality arts engagement, arts integration, arts exploration, creation, and discovery experiences.  In support, COA maintains a Directory of Teaching Artists and an affiliated Arts Learning grant program.*



The Directory supports COA's education goal to advance teaching and learning along a 3-tiered "
Continuum of Participation" from 1) Arts Access to 2) Arts Connection and Correlation, to 3) Arts Integration.  The tiers are progressive in the amount of time an artist engages with the same audience, the type and scope of planning involved in developing each project, and the depth of the learning experience the project provides.  Depending on individual interest, experience and practice some artists may be better suited for one type of project along the continuum than others. 

For the purpose of K-12 schools and the Arts Learning grant program – teaching artists are juried into one or both of the following categories:


CONNECTING/CORRELATING: An individual artist who provides opportunities that enhance learning through arts experiences and/or link ideas between disciplines. Artists in this category may have a well-tuned program(s) that can be provided repeatedly, with or without minor adjustments, to meet a presenter’s needs in a variety of settings.


INTEGRATING: An individual artist who provides sequential arts learning experiences that weave ideas and concepts between and among arts and non-arts disciplines. Artists in this category work interdependently with the presenter to conduct, through a collaborative, in-depth planning and implementation process, sequential arts learning experiences that advance knowledge and skills in an arts discipline while concurrently advancing knowledge and skills in other disciplines to meet the unique project or curricular goals of the presenter. Artists in this category are familiar with the National Core Arts Standards adopted by the Connecticut State Department of Education and the Common Core State Standards, and will be experienced in setting goals and assessing progress.

ACCESS:  Artists who provide experiences such as classroom visits, performance(s),“informance(s),” and/or lecture demonstrations that expose students to the Arts.  All Directory artists can provide ACCESS experiences.

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